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Oct. 24, 2019

Policy Communications Webinar – Fall 2019


“Communicating Research to Policymakers”


True North Group’s Marci McCoy-Roth provides information on how to effectively communicate Early Learning Network findings to relevant policy audiences. This topic is an extension of the previous webinar focused on creating policy briefs, and is intended to help network members gain a deeper understanding of how to reach important policy stakeholders at various spheres of influence.


View Fall 2019 Webinar Slides (PDF)

May 7, 2019

Policy Communications Webinar – Spring 2019


“Making Research Matter: Creating Policy Briefs”


True North Group’s Hope Cooper and Marci McCoy-Roth provide details on how to create an effective policy brief — an important tool to drive research into action. They share how to structure a policy brief, offer tips on how to best communicate with policy audiences and facilitate case study analysis.


View Spring 2019 Webinar Slides (PDF)

Oct. 29, 2018

Policy Communications Webinar – Fall 2018


“Making Research Matter: Communicating Network Research Findings to Policymakers”


True North Group’s Hope Cooper and Marci McCoy-Roth provide introductory information on why it is important to share research in a policy context, identify different policy audiences and roles, and discuss emerging trends in evidence-based policy.


View Fall 2018 Webinar Slides (PDF)


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These resources are part of the Early Learning Network’s four-part webinar series focused on policy communications. Upcoming webinars will take place in the fall and spring of 2019.