About the Early Learning Network – Early Learning Network
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About the Early Learning Network

Our Mission & Purpose

The Early Learning Network is working to improve the academic success of children, especially those from historically marginalized groups, by identifying research-proven policies and practices that narrow opportunity gaps and ensure early learning success is maintained as children transition from preschool to elementary school and beyond.


Network researchers are examining current policies and practices, identifying malleable factors associated with early learning and achievement, and developing tools to assess early learning instruction, interactions and environments.

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Components of the Network

The Early Learning Network is funded by the Institute for Education Sciences. Research and assessment teams are located at universities and research centers across the country and will conduct research over a five-year period.


The Network is comprised of:

5 Research Teams

Five research teams are conducting in-depth, exploratory research in areas that provide preschool opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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1 assessment team

One assessment team is developing a classroom observation tool to be used by practitioners to assess preschool and early elementary classroom elements that are predictive of later learning and school achievement.


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1 Network Lead Team

One network lead team is responsible for the coordination of Network activities and the facilitation of collaborative and cooperative work across all 6 research and assessment teams. 


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