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Academics of the early primary grades investigating the alignment of instructional practices from pre-K to third grade early education and development.

Early Education and Development (2021)
Laura M. Justice, Hui Jiang, Kelly M. Purtell, Tzu-Jung Lin and Arya Ansari, Ohio State University

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Relationships as malleable factors for children’s social-behavioral skills from preschool to grade 1: A longitudinal analysis

Early Education and Development (2021)
Susan M. Sheridan, Lisa L. Knoche, Courtney Boise, Amanda Witte, Natalie Koziol, Amanda Prokasky, Rachel Schumacher, and Hannah Kerby, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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A missed opportunity? Instructional content redundancy in pre-K and kindergarten

AERA Open (2021)
Lora Cohen-Vogel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Michael Little, North Carolina State University; Wonkyung Jang, Margaret Burchinal, Mary Bratsch-Hines, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Enrollment in public-prekindergarten and school readiness skills at kindergarten entry: Differential associations by home language, income, and program characteristics.

Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2021)
Arya Ansari, Ohio State University; Robert Pianta, Jessica Whittaker, Virginia Vitiello and Erik Ruzek, University of Virginia

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Is skill type the key to the pre-K fadeout puzzle? Differential associations between enrollment in pre-K and constrained and unconstrained skills across kindergarten

Child Development (2021)
Meghan McCormick, MDRC; Christina Weiland, University of Michigan; JoAnn Hsueh, MDRC; Mirjana Pralica, MDRC; Amanda K. Weissman, University of Michigan; Lillie Moffett, University of Michigan; Catherine Snow, Harvard Graduate School of Education and Jason Sachs, Boston Public Schools.

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Classroom process and practices in public pre-K programs: Describing and predicting educational opportunities in the early learning sector

Early Education and Development, 29(6), 797-813
Robert Pianta, Jessica Whittaker, Virginia Vitiello, Arya Ansari, Erik Ruzek; University of Virginia

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