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Off-Task Behavior as a Measure of In-Classroom Executive Function Skills? Evidence for Construct Validity and Contributions to Gains in Prekindergartners’ Academic Achievement


Early Education and Development (2023)
Moffett, L., Weiland, C., McCormick, M.P., Hsueh, J., Snow, C., & Sachs, J.


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Going the Distance: Disparities in Pre-K Enrollment in Higher-Quality Schools by Geographic Proximity, Race/Ethnicity, Family Income, and Home Language


AERA Open (2023)
McCormick, M.P., Pralica, M., Hsueh, J., Weiland, C., Weissman, A., Xia, S., Shapiro, A., MacDowell, C., Maves, S., Taylor, A., & Sachs, J.


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Learning experiences vary across young children in the same classroom: Evidence from the individualizing student instruction measure in the Boston Public Schools


Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2023)
Christina Weiland, Lillie Moffett, Paola Guerrero Rosada, Amanda Weissman, Kehui Zhang, Michelle Maier, Catherine Snow, Meghan McCormick, JoAnn Hsueh, Jason Sachs


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The Future of Children: Research-Practice Partnerships to Strengthen Early Education

Princeton-Brookings, Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2021 (2021)
Fast-response research to answer practice and policy questions (p. 75-96)
Christina Weiland, Jason Sachs, Meghan McCormick, JoAnn Hsueh and Catherine Snow
A dean’s perspective (p. 151-156)
Robert C. Pianta
Building toward effectiveness (p. 161-168)
JoAnn Hsueh et al.

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Unpacking pre-K classroom organization: Types, variation, and links to school readiness gains

Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (2021)
Lillie Moffett, Amanda Weissman, Christina Weiland, Meghan McCormick, JoAnn Hsueh, Catherine Snow, Jason Sachs

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Differences between pre-K and kindergarten classroom experiences: Do they predict children’s social-emotional skills and self-regulation across the transition to kindergarten?

Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2021)
Virginia E. Vitiello, Tutrang Nguyen, Erik Ruzek, Robert C.Pianta and Jessica Vick Whittaker, University of Virginia

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Academics of the early primary grades: Investigating the alignment of instructional practices from pre-K to third grade

Early Education and Development (2021)
Laura M. Justice, Hui Jiang, Kelly M. Purtell, Tzu-Jung Lin and Arya Ansari, Ohio State University

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Relationships as malleable factors for children’s social-behavioral skills from preschool to grade 1: A longitudinal analysis

Early Education and Development (2021)
Susan M. Sheridan, Lisa L. Knoche, Courtney Boise, Amanda Witte, Natalie Koziol, Amanda Prokasky, Rachel Schumacher, and Hannah Kerby, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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A missed opportunity? Instructional content redundancy in pre-K and kindergarten

AERA Open (2021)
Lora Cohen-Vogel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Michael Little, North Carolina State University; Wonkyung Jang, Margaret Burchinal, Mary Bratsch-Hines, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Enrollment in public-prekindergarten and school readiness skills at kindergarten entry: Differential associations by home language, income, and program characteristics

Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2021)
Arya Ansari, Ohio State University; Robert Pianta, Jessica Whittaker, Virginia Vitiello and Erik Ruzek, University of Virginia

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Is skill type the key to the pre-K fadeout puzzle? Differential associations between enrollment in pre-K and constrained and unconstrained skills across kindergarten

Child Development (2021)
Meghan McCormick, MDRC; Christina Weiland, University of Michigan; JoAnn Hsueh, MDRC; Mirjana Pralica, MDRC; Amanda K. Weissman, University of Michigan; Lillie Moffett, University of Michigan; Catherine Snow, Harvard Graduate School of Education and Jason Sachs, Boston Public Schools

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Classroom process and practices in public pre-K programs: Describing and predicting educational opportunities in the early learning sector

Early Education and Development, 29(6), 797-813
Robert Pianta, Jessica Whittaker, Virginia Vitiello, Arya Ansari, Erik Ruzek; University of Virginia

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